"Hello, here are some pictures of my baby. Thank you for a great experience in “adopting” a puppy.
– Laura Rollins











"Dear Sharon,
Thanks for providing me with my new puppy, Maddy. She is a surprisingly well-behaved and has adjusted well to her new home and older brother. She follows him everywhere and sleeps on top of him.
She has already had two big events: her first visit to the veterinarian and a birthday party for a neighbor’s golden retriever.
I appreciate that you took such great care of her and for providing me with everything I needed for welcoming a happy puppy into my home.
She is definitely the most loved girl in Jacksonville.
– Dr. Bill Burke
Jacksonville, FL 32205







"Dear Vanity Pups:
My husband and I came in September 23, 2012 and purchased a little boy Morkie. We named him Dexter and he stole our hearts from the second we saw him! He is the sweetest, snuggliest, funniest, most playful little guy ever. He came right into our home and acted like he was born here. He loves to be loved which is great because he gets a ton of that. He never leaves my side and I swear he smiles. He is so happy but most of all he has made us amazingly happy! Thank you so much for giving us the greatest family member and please rest assured he will be loved and spoiled forever. I attached some pictures above you can see how he is progressing.
Thanks again,
– Julie Like













He is doing very good. Potty trained and very playful. Loves to eat as you can tell lol. Everything so far is good health wise also. Everywhere we go people love him. Thanks do much!










"Hi Michael,
The puppy is doing great!
He is adapting to the new house, loves our other Dog Pheobe. Pheobe is a little jealous at times and acts snobby. But she is very gentle and respects the new puppy which is good.
Overall the puppy loves our backyard, plays in the grass and likes to chew.
Wonderful Fit.
Thank You,
Jonathan Rahil








"Here are three photos of Beatrice, the toy poodle from your shop, Vanity Pups.  She is delightful!  She is well socialized, and paper trained.  She is full of energy and loves to explore her surroundings.











"Hello Shirley,
Happy New Year to you as well. Abigail is doing great, here are some pics of her.









She is doing great. Very well adjusted and a part of the family.

"Our family just brought home our first puppy in 12 years. Well 3 weeks ago. He is so awesome!! He is a shorkie (shih-tzu & yorkie). He has done amazingly well with his crate, pin, wee-wee pads, and kids. You can tell that the professionals at Vanity Pups spent time with him. We are so happy with our new member to the family!! I would recommend Vanity Pups to anyone."














"We recently purchased a Yorkshire terrier from Vanity Pups. They are wonderful people and our experience with them was wonderful. They are very caring people and was very helpful with the purchase of Angels. We would recommend them to everyone"

"Great service, knowledgeable employees, and they really care about the puppies."

"My son who is 5 yrs old fell in love with this white puppy.  They got him washed and cleaned and ready to go after we took our son to the movie.  Very friendly staff and helpful.  He had a fun time picking out his dog."