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Take home the puppy of your dreams today! We have a few companies you can choose from. 

Click the link below to submit your information to the store and we will reach out to go over our options.

   Apply online

  • There’s no cost to apply and no commitment required. 

  • Affordable payment plan No interest on principal.  There is no interest on principal if paid in full within the first six months of your disbursement date

  • Zero penalties, hassles, or delays  

Apply online​

  • Wags is not a credit card nor a loan. Wags is a closed end consumer lease with fixed monthly payments and early purchase options throughout the term of the lease.

  • This is a lease agreement, so there is no interest associated with this program. Any amount you’d pay beyond the financed amount are rental fees. They are predetermined based on your total receipt amount and will not change.

Click on the green to apply EasyPay

Benefits for Customers

Save money:

  • 90-day interest rebate means if you pay off your balance in 90 days, you get a full interest rebate*

  • Build positive credit: By making timely payments in full

  • No money needed: Get everything you need now with $0 down 

  • Sign anywhere & anytime: With mobile and online applications, you can apply anywhere

  • No surprises: Easy to read, fully transparent contracts

  • Enjoying rewards, not penalties: You won’t be penalized for paying off a contract early- if you pay it off in 90 days, you get a full interest rebate*

  • Own it all, today: Non-lease financing means you own your purchases 100% from the start

  • *with a $40 processing fee

easy pay

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