About our Grooming.

Unlike traditional pet Groomers, where a pet is dropped off and spend a lot of time before and after the appointment waiting in a cage, we transform your pet experience to a delightful one by getting them done as soon as they come in.  A petis trimmed, bathed, hand dried, touched up and and then back into your arms in no longer than an hour and a half(two hour or more for large breeds

Basic Spa:

Baths hampoo and conditioner, pads free of hair, nails free of hair, sanitary trim ears cleaning plucked, eyes refreshed, face trim, towel dry, coat conditioning spray, cologne, bandana or bow

Deluxe Spa:

Basic Spa, glands express*, full body hair cut, brush teeth, Bows tie or tie.

Matted dogs are an Extra $15 per every1/2hr

(every dog that is matted will be charge the $15 it takes extra time to demote ears, tails or body and takes away time from the next appointment)

Spa Experience:

Safe, Whisper-Quiet DryingAroma Therapy, special shampooing conditioner, blueberry facial, nail grinding.


De-Shedding Shampoo Treatment:

De-Shedding Shampoo and conditioner, massage for 10 minutes, de-shedding for 30 minutes.





Prices may vary based upon the condition of the coat.  Additional charges may be necessary for behavior issues


we also have other options available please call and ask for any specials and make you appointment today!!!

$5 off for VIP* Customers

Free pick up and delivery

With in a 2 mile radius.

*upon request **VIP is when you purchase a puppy from our nursery

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1810 Town Center Blvd

Fleming Island, Fl 32003

Call us:

904 375-2227

904 375-1091

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